Friday, June 24, 2011

A Midsummer's Dream, Part 1

In 2002, after dropping out of school, I decided to take my savings and get away for some serious off-time.
I purchased my very first car and a ticket on the ferry to Iceland.
The plan: To visit Sif and travel around Iceland for the whole summer.

That old Opel Corsa, with which I was going to have many adventures over the years, almost turned out to be a pig in a poke, with a worn camshaft and an overall sad composition.
With many thanks to my friend Bas, we fixed all the issues and prepared the car for the long journey.

The first leg to tackle was the 1000 km trip to the north of Denmark, where the Smyrill line ferry would leave for Seydisfjordur, Iceland. In later years I've driven the same distance a number of times, but no matter what you do, driving 1000 km in one go remains one hell of a liaison.
Anyways, I made it to Denmark well in time for the departure and secured my place onboard.
Being on a budget, meant that the only way to go was shared bunks... Up to 6 guys in cramped quarters, way below deck. It didn't matter, because it was an exhilarating feeling when the ship left the harbour to steam onto the North Sea.
Off to carry me towards those distant shores.

The Smyrill line ferries, being a company from the Faeroe Islands, made a stop in Thorshavn where all passengers  had to embark. The ferry would then leave for Bergen, Norway, to pick up more people and return the next day.
That leaves one with 1,5 days to spend on that magnificent group of islands halfway between Norway and Island.

Stunning scenery!

Thรณrshavn, The Old Town

The ferry sails between the typical Faeroese islands, on towards Iceland.

The next evening the ferry left Thorshavn again to sail Northwest toward Seydisfjordur, where we arrived the next morning. After a short visit for coffee at Sif's parents (who live in Seydisfjordur) it was finally time for the real adventure to begin. 
I had to drive to the other side of Iceland, 720 km along the south coast to Reykjavik, where Sif had a nice apartment in the main street Laugavegur.

The road went over several mountain passes and valleys of the South-east.

At some point I decided to find a place to camp, and found this fantastic and quiet campsite between the mountains and right next to a river.


Only some sheep for company

'Old Swing' feels right at home

Magical place

The next day I passed Jokulsarlon, and area where pieces of ice are breaking of the glacier and flow into the sea.

The road continues...

And goes on and on...

Then finally leads to downtown Reykjavik and Sif, And I am set to spend the best part of the summer exploring this magnificent landscape and the company of a loved one.

Hallgrimskirkja, Reykjavik

To be continued!


  1. Thanks for all the wonderful words about me, my family and my country : )
    Love to read your blog and look at all those great photos. Brings back soooo many good memories : )
    Definately have had many of the unforgettable experiences in my life so far with you - and your wonderful family and friends : )
    Already looking forward to next part : )
    Big hug from Aalborg

  2. Great read martijn...Good to see you are back at the typewriter...J

  3. Sif. Thanks, these are indeed memories to treasure.

    Jon. Thank you, I'll try to keep it them coming :)